Monday, February 18, 2013

Two Schools of Thought... is to tell no one.  The other is to tell everyone. 

I opt for tell everyone.  There's (a lot) more risk involved.  Suddenly, I've set an expectation for myself. And declared it. 

Two approaches...  stand on the edge of the diving board looking down at the water, and quite possibly talk myself out of taking the plunge.  Or, start back at the ladder, and run to the end, picking up enough momentum so that I fling myself wildly into the pool below.

I smile wide at the scene from Madagascar 3 during which the penguins and the protagonists are in a get-away vehicle that's pursued by Captain Chantel DuBois:

Alex says to Marty, "Okay Marty.  We lost her, maybe you can slow down?"
Marty yells back, "I can't!  There's no brakes!"
Skipper overhears and says, "No brakes?  Way to commit soldier!"  (Bold emphasis mine.)

One of my goals: (aka: declaration)  To finish what I start.

Grateful for the grace gifts of...

...renewed commitment

...parents and in-loves who converge on our home on the same evening, laughing and sharing late into the night until we fall exhausted into beds, the guest room and all available beds occupied with loved ones

...early morning crazy-challenging workout that leaves me both exhausted and energized

...homemade Belgium waffles

...complete with strawberries and whipped topping

...children playing soccer with their dad in the backyard... for 2 hours!

...Grandpa sitting on sideline whooping and hollering for the 'teams'

...spending time with my mother-in-love... challenged and inspired all over again

...reading Unbroken as a family

...Israel's orange sherbert ice cream for a bedtime snack while she and I finish the day out together.

counting gifts 266 - 275

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