Sunday, February 17, 2013

Lenten Journey

Then I stopped writing.  Almost completely.  And I might have stopped putting heart on paper had it not been for the red leather journal she handed me right before leaving Germany.  The one that invited me to write new chapters for the journey that lay ahead. 

Last week, LeRoy and I, we're having this conversation amidst evening chaos, me commencing with dinner, resulting in rummage for deli meats and cheeses with the clank of containers and jars pushed aside and the dull phud of refrigerator closing and opening.  "About Lent.  How do you want to celebrate this season?"

He slides into chair at the dining table, opens laptop and speaks sideways, you know, those words tossed haphazardly to the space while fingers tap password to email account, "What if you commit to writing every day for 40 days?"  I smile because he knows those are two of my favorite words, the what-if-lub-dub of heartbeat, quickening slightly at the prologue to the adventure.

And what if...

     before the experiment,

          the challenge,

               the adventure.

So here I am... a few days already into the Lenten Season... resting in the grace of Begin Where You Are.  Excited to venture down this path. 


...A 40-day adventure... A journey!

*Cobblestone road in the Roman Forum in Rome, Italy.  (taken June 2012)

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