Monday, July 13, 2009

Hi From Poland!

I'd say hello in Polish, but I'd have to ask my linguist how... and Isaiah's already gone to bed.

We have had a FABULOUS time here in Poland!! I long to understand this culture better. How just 20 years ago they were under the Soviet Communist rule and have rebuilt an entirely different way of life since then. How I'd love to sit with the older generation and listen to their stories. With the younger generation to learn more about how their heritage has helped shape who they are today. And where they're headed.

We are staying at this place that envelopes every visitor with grace, strength, hope, and inspiration. Similar to L'Abri in its approach to life... to meeting people where they're at... I am filled with renewed vision. (So is Eli... my young adult visionary leader. I wish you could hear his ideas!)

Well, I'm turning in for the night. My family went to bed awhile ago -- we have an early morning and a full day's traveling ahead of us tomorrow as we head for home. Then laundry. Repacking. Heading out for another adventure.

Note: PRAISE THE LORD! LeRoy is feeling much, much better!!! Yay! Thank you for all your prayers!



  1. A hop, skip, and a jump farther down the path than us, I LOVE hearing the essence of doing family with you guys! I love seeing you [God] grow your children. Happy travels, and blessings right back at you!

  2. Sharon,
    We were just at Elim 3 weeks ago. Isn't it a wonderful place?
    I would love to catch up on you soon.
    Michelle for the 4 Beemans