Friday, July 24, 2009

The Grumpies

I awoke in a funk this morning. Insomnia from 2:30 until 6:30 aside, I spent the day overwhelmed. Or maybe grieving. Perhaps a little of both. Uncle Jake and Aunt Kathy's flight flew back to the States yesterday afternoon. Needless to say, I walked around kind of lost this morning. (I've come to the conclusion that I must learn how to make transitions better!)
12:37 PM -- Me still in my pajamas. Children squabbling. The whole lot of us lost.

"I think we ought to go on a picnic, Mom," my Zae says it matter-of-fact, like the doctor giving a prescription for the doldrums.

"You organize that. And we'll go on a picnic." Me, skeptical. Discombobulated.

Picnic basket packed: PBJ's, Cheez-its, homemade granola bars (made this morning... and they did NOT turn out...), rice cakes, lemonade. Impressed, the big where-to-have-the-picnic discussion ensues and it is agreed, the fort at the edge of the woods.
It's not very far... a ten or fifteen minute stroll. But I can't find it in myself. We drive.

"Over here! It's the perfect spot!" Zae leads the way, basket of provisions on his arm.
"No it's not. There's stinging nettle. And bugs." Older brother verbalizes the skeptisicm I felt earlier. But we follow. And the children get everything prepared.

Soon we're eating contentedly, pouring lemonade for one another, the children speaking graciously to one another -- at last. Me? I'm quiet. Trying to be still. Inhaling deep of the aromatic pasture, listening to the burbling creek....

and the rippling laughs and giggles as young ones play in the water, collect sticks for whittling,
leaving me to my contemplations, this sorting of thoughts... watch a busy bee...

to meditate on God's faithfulness, goodness and sovereignty.

I finally lay back under the branches of this tree, the warmth of the sun on my legs, a cool breeze across my face... and fall asleep. Luxurious. I didn't wake until the sun hid behind a foreboding cloud, accompanied by a brisk wind. And we got to the van just as big wet drops splashed against the windshield.
When we got home, our spirits were renewed. Our engines at a contented hum. Servant-minded children spoke kind words once again. And Momma's attitude much improved, too; the grumpies transformed into immense gratitude! How grateful I am for the Lord's constant care and provision!
But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4:19)


  1. What a beautiful post! I'm sure every mom can relate to how you were feeling about the outing at the start - but it's wonderful that you let the kids put it together. What a nice surprise that it turned into such a refreshing time for you. :)

  2. That picture of the trees above you is one of my favorite things! :0)

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  4. Transitions, they still tangle in my path like a snag of coca burs. Your children are brilliant. The weave of their love for you holds the world together, the striking arms and feet of Christ. What a rich, rich, woman you are.