Saturday, July 11, 2009

Grüss Gott!

Greetings and Grüss Gott (God's Blessings! or, literally: Good God!) from Munich (München)!! Wow! I had no idea what Bavarian culture was really like until we mingled with the locals!! Ach so! This area of Germany is so very different from back "home" on the west side of Germany!

We're enjoying one grand adventure after another! This trip has taken Plan B to a whole new level! smile. I am beyond grateful that I'm road-tripping with 7 gracious people -- temperant, patient, kind, fun...

God is so good and His glory is being revealed at every turn. Please keep LeRoy in your prayers. Though the doctors released him with a clean bill of health, he isn't feeling his spunky, healthy self just yet.

This morning LeRoy, Uncle Jake and Aunt Kathy are touring the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial. Then we all head north to Poland!

We're thinking of you and wishing you were here with us!!



  1. We are absolutely praying for LeRoy!So sorry he is not back to himself.I LOVE Bavaria! Can't wait to go there with my family someday.

  2. Thanks for the update!

    Oh, and glad to hear the plan B comment. :) C, D, E, F... plan A seems AGES ago!

    Love you all.

  3. I wonder is you will ever know the joy that you bring to me. The love that you have for others is as catchy as the common cold. Enjoy your days and know that I truly miss you and love you! Love, Me

  4. It's interesting to hear that life is different here in Bavaria - we often hear that, but it's all we know! It is beautiful though. Hope you are enjoying your time!

    Next month we head to the that where you guys are?
    ~Heather Long