Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Presume, Assume, and Faith

Presume: 1. to dare (to say or do something); venture. 2. to take for granted; suppose. i.e. We're leaving in two days because I presume our passports will be here by tomorrow.

Assume: 1. to take on (the appearance, role, etc. of) 2. to seize; usurp 3. to undertake 4. to take for granted; suppose 5. to pretend to have; feign. i.e. I assume we'll arrive in Germany by this time tomorrow.

Faith: 1. unquestioning belief, specif. in God, religion, etc. 2. a particular religion 3. complete trust or confidence 4. loyalty -- sincerity; honesty i.e. I have complete faith that God has opened the door for us to live in Germany; it will happen.

All the presuming and assuming in the world will not hurry things up -- in fact, I'm convinced it steals the adventure of embracing all that God has for us in the moment. And so, this morning I had a melt-down as I woke up in wait mode, irritated that I presumed incorrectly, instead of embrace mode, grateful that God can see what I cannot and that He has a plan in all of this.

Last night we went out on the town with another couple who we love dearly. We had talked about doing that for a good year or more, yet never made it happen until last night. Tonight we're having a "sleep-over" with some other friends. This time is precious. I want to embrace these "bonus days" with a sense of adventure -- and faith that eventually we'll arrive in Germany fully satisfied and thankful for all the wonderful memories we made before we left.

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