Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Our Flight is Booked... Again!

Can it be? 11 of the 12 passports are in (6 personal passports, 5 military passports). Although we are still waiting on Ezekiel's military passport, we have clearance to travel on our personal passports since LeRoy is the only one who absolutely has to have his military passport. So! Our airplane is scheduled for take-off on Friday at 6:55 AM.

To say we are excited is an understatement -- although I am just a teeny bit "gun-shy" at this moment. This extended retreat refreshed and blessed us and we feel more than ready to be on our way. After six weeks of living a transient lifestyle, (we did learn the art of getting our entire family's luggage down to one brown paper grocery bag! Let me know if you're interested in an explanation...) I am eager to see Spokane from a bird's eye-view, our carry-ons secured below the seats in front of us or in the overhead bin. Was this training for the backpacking and bicycling trips we'll be taking once we're in Europe? (A washing machine and fresh-scented laundry soap wherever we were proved to be a most blessed gift!)

Our family watched "Myth Busters" on the Discovery Channel today. During one of their experimental adventures, things weren't going as they thought they would go and one of the leaders said, "Never count on these things going off without a hitch on Plan A. Plan on getting to Plan D." The bigger the adventure, the further into the alphabet we get? Hm. If we live in Plan A, B, and C Land, then perhaps we're not stretching out of our comfort zone enough? Just thinking out loud... (I always welcome your feedback!) God in His mercy and faithfulness provided ground to learn some wonderful lessons lately! Thank You, Jesus!

I'll keep you posted! Perhaps the next time I post on this blog, we'll be on European soil! Yahoo! Bring it on!

Lebenslustig, (in love with life)

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