Saturday, March 21, 2015


Oh! That glorious emotion that sweeps over you when you're struck with epiphany! I love it. To live for those moments of profundity.

There's a word for that feeling. It's shchekotiki. "The feeling you get when you finally figure something out." We're not a hundred percent sure how it's pronounced but we're loudly proclaiming, "Shek-oh-teekeeeee!" anytime there's a revelation over something we've puzzled about together.

Yeah, we're not sure if our revelation is spot on or skewed. So, after the initial burst of shchekotiki, we're serving up a large glass of milk and the proverbial humble pie, ready to make hypotheses, test assumptions, experiment with ideas.

I met a woman on an airplane not too long ago. She was seated next to me and I would describe our meeting as most serendipitous. (We're still in touch, exchanging business and marketing ideas!) During the course of our conversation she told me about her membership in a Mastermind group. Now, I had heard about these groups that typically cost anywhere from a couple thousand to as much as six thousand dollars. Nevertheless, I still had a bit of sticker shock when she shared that she paid $10,000 for about eight months of membership into this group.

Intrigued by this concept, I did some research. The idea of a Mastermind Group was introduced about 75 years ago by Napoleon Hill in his book, Think And Grow Rich. The thought is that two or more people meet on a regular basis to brainstorm ways to conquer challenges, colloborate to accelerate success and achieve huge goals.

Huh. That sounds like friendship.

Come to think of it, it sounds like that first Mastermind Group... 12 disciples... assembled by Jesus. And the cost? Heh. It must be some kind of crazy successful, world-changer deal because it's this all-in thing where you surrender all your earthly ideas in exchange for... stuff that stretches clear into eternity.

I'll tell you what. You're invited over. I'll make you a cuppa and we'll collaborate. We'll call it a Mastermind Group. We'll dream together. Hey! We'll even draft out business plans. We'll discuss analytics. We'll make marketing decisions. We'll talk psychology and technology. We'll mull over the present state of the world and brainstorm ways to make an impact. We'll exchange information. We'll challenge the status quo. We'll question why and ask what if. We'll identify the mountains that need moving. And we'll cover it all in prayer.

We were made for this. For purpose. For collaboration. To bring about justice. To reach out. To inspire.

And, sure, we'll relish those moments of shchekotiki. We'll smile and give each other one of those trendy fist bumps. But goodnessgracious! Let's keep moving forward! We have Resurrection Power living inside us! We have work to do!

Who are you collaborating with these days? Who is in your Mastermind Group? Who are you pouring into, investing in, inspiring and challenging? Who is investing in you, asking you the hard questions, calling you to accountability? Who is praying with you?


Grateful for...

289. ...relationships that won't let me settle.

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