Saturday, March 7, 2015

Last Opportunity! Only 48 Hours Left!

There are a few things that I'd love to know I only had 48 hours left: signing papers on the sell of our house, a nagging sinus infection, the finishing touches on a major writing project. But mostly, I want time to linger. 

The whole world seems topsy-turvy these days and here in our home, we have this sense of urgency to live "on mission." To seize every moment as an opportunity. To do meaningful work. 

"One question for you," one of our people in our Life Group scoots to the edge of the sofa and leans forward, "what is something your family can do to change the world?" He's 10-years old and his question leaves us all quiet while we absorb the possibilities.

Yes, to change the world. "Last chance" to seize this moment and make it count. And the next moment. And the next. 

There's a new book out. It's creating quite the buzz. (To say that everyone is talking about it sounds like a bit of an exaggeration, but, goodness, my blogger friends, Claire*, Carol*, Ruth*, Michael* list a few, are all promoting this book.)   My friend, Jeff*, wrote about living your life's calling. The book is, The Art of Work and you can get it practically FREE right now. All you have to do is send him your name, address, and pay the shipping and he'll mail it to you.

The Art of Work  is "about discovering your true calling -- that thing you were born to do." In typical Jeff Goins style, he engages readers with stories from his own experiences as well as stories of others who have found and embraced their callings, are doing meaningful work... and are changing the world as a result.

I'm almost half way through the book right now. One of the coolest parts of this offer is that as soon as you order the book and pay the shipping, a downloadable PDF version of it is available immediately. 

Anyway, this is the season our family is in at the present: 

LeRoy loves his job as TAP (Transition Assistance Program) Manager, assisting military in the transition into civilian work life... helping them discover their calling! 

I'm working on writing projects and home educating the children. 

Eli came home from the International ALERT Academy for Christmas break and was advised by orthopaedic surgeons not to return to training until he makes a full recovery on his shoulders. He dislocated both shoulders at different times while going through Basic Training and his shoulders are wonky ever since. Prognosis: one year to 18 months of physical therapy with the possibility of surgery somewhere in that timeframe. 

Isaiah still works at Cinnabon and is getting ready to pursue training at ALERT Academy. He leaves on March 27th for Basic Training. 

Ezekiel just got his first job working at Starbucks and is having a blast. He plans to work on getting dual credits for the next couple of years as he simultaneously pursues a high school diploma and a Bachelor's degree. 

Israel is chasing her dreams of entrepreneurship and is inundated lately with jobs for caring for children. She's studying leadership and pursuing her love of theater.

I admit, we're in a rough season. We're pursuing potentially daunting projects. We're stepping into our respective callings. Wanting to change the world. Writing a story worth telling. We try to rally for one another but have way too many moments when we give in to the daunting and turn on a movie, watching someone else's story instead. 

I keep hearing Eli's encouragement, "Remember, Mom, it gets harder before it gets easier."

I'm super excited about Jeff Goins' book. The rally cry to discover your calling and live a great story.

With the opportunities we have. In the next 24 hours. And 48 hours. And all the hours.

*These people are my friends, not because we hang out and have coffee together, but because I like them -- literally... on their FB page, or we really are FB friends, or they send me emails with the greeting, "Hello there, friend," or they've noted somewhere either in their blog or their website that they consider me their friend, or we've communicated via email, Skype, or I've taken a course they've offered or read their book. And since I believe them...

...Now to get back to work on my forthcoming book on what happens when you believe (nearly) everything you hear...  

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