Saturday, July 12, 2014

On My Role As Princess

This moment, right now,

Sitting in a café, drinking iced coffee, catching up on my reading.

I glance up and do a double-take. A young gal with a disarming, cheerful demeanor traipses through the door. She is wearing a tiara. And a banner that says in purple glitter, “County PRINCESS 2014.”

Suddenly she is aware that heads are turning, people watching her, smiling, and she smiles back self-consciously. She tilts her head toward the boy she’s with and looks down at the floor.

I remember a time, many years ago, when I woke up one morning with the stark realization that, wait a minute, if my Heavenly Father is the King of Kings and He’s adopted me as His daughter… that makes me a princess. Not because of anything I’ve ever done to deserve the title, but because He chose me.

I wasn’t even out of bed yet when I decided that I would engage my imagination and truly, fully experience the day as a Princess.

Upon declaring my position as Princess, there was an incredible sense of urgency. I leapt out of bed and quickly got ready for the day. I mean, ohmyword, with an entire nation to care for, I didn’t have a second to squander! Everything took on new meaning. Making breakfast for the four citizens living in my kingdom was important work.

I didn’t wear the hats of referee or taxi driver or teacher or cook or housekeeper. I only wore one symbol. And that tiara represented the call to yield my rights in order to give preference. To be an example of integrity and kindness and gentleness and generosity.

I realized, with sudden clarity, that I represent my Abba Father who loves lavishly, is gracious and merciful, and withholds no good thing. The title of Princess… my heart beat fast… I needed to serve my people and with no small amount of excellence. A royal position released in me a heightened sense of responsibility. A desire to lead with a gracious spirit.

This moment, right now. I won't be self-conscious, avert my eyes, tilt my head toward the floor. I'll hold my head high, walk confident, stand in your presence ready to lead, ready to serve. I'll embrace my identity as a Princess.

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