Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Road Trip Updates, Part II

The last time I ran on the beach was 20 years ago -- in Pensacola, Florida, hot humidity saturating skin, the occasional dip into the water to cool off.  So yesterday's run along the North Sea was magical -- chilly with gray skies as backdrop, whitecapped waves rushing determined onto shore.  There was no running into the water; I shuddered in the occasional gust of wind.  But I couldn't believe my fortune... to pray in such a gorgeous sanctuary, my legs and heartbeat keeping rhythm, shoe imprints left in wet sand.  Magical. 

And while I got in my run, LeRoy and the children explored the beach and Grandma & Grandpa and Kathy visited a nearby museum.  A luxurious and relaxing way to spend a morning in Den Hague!

Last evening we arrived in Brugge, Belgium.  After checking into De Krakele, we took in the windmills in Windmill Park just as the sun began to set.  I am typing this now while sitting in the lobby, the children playing a game of pool just to my left.  The occasional squabble quietly struggled through, children learning to yield -- to give preference... ahh, aren't we all? 

We're in a city we enjoy, ready to explore with people we love...


  1. I haven't begun reading yet. Three posts! It's like Christmas, and I'm (just now) mature enough to relish the anticipation. Here is my plan: Go write my blog post for the day, then read one of yours. Answer the emails that are breathing down my neck, then read another. Finally, write the outline and a bio for my very first speaking gig(!!!), and come back to read your third post.

    Can't you just see my big cheesy grin???

  2. Okay, you know me. I got busy...sidetracked. I just read #2 and my mind has gone to our time on the North Sea and in Brugge.