Wednesday, April 6, 2011

One Day Without Shoes

Yesterday, April 5th... {long, weary sigh... what do they say, "A day late and a dollar short"?} Ah, well, never mind. I'm passionate enough about this whole YOU WERE BORN TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE... WHAT'S YOUR IDEA TO CHANGE THE WORLD thing that I don't mind how late I am... I've jumped in as soon as I realized.

Realized what, you ask. Well, many (most?) of you probably went without shoes yesterday in honor of "One day without shoes," a day that Blake Mycoskie put in motion to bring about awareness for children who don't have shoes in third world countries. So. Today. I'm going without shoes.

Today. I'm going about my day with bare feet and whenever anyone asks me why I don't have shoes on I'm going to ask them what their idea is that could change the world -- another person's life. I'll tell them about one person's vision and the impact it is having on the world -- how it's changing lives... one life at a time.

And I'm going to think about my little corner of the world... and do some mental/heart inventory... and ask myself these same questions.

How about you? What is your idea to change the world?

Photo: my children at the North Sea just outside of Amsterdam, Netherlands.  July 2009.

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