Monday, April 11, 2011

Croatia... Zadar & Split...

Greetings from the Backpacker C@fe in Split, CROATIA!  According to Google maps, we're a 12-hour drive from our home in Germany to our holiday apartment in Zadar (the same distance from our home in Spokane, Washington to my sister's house in Ogden, Utah).  Another several hours and we could tour Macedonia and then, a little further south, Athens, Greece.  We are constantly amazed at the short distances between us and a whole world of history and culture. 

And this Croatian world!  Beautiful.  Simple. 

This morning we followed the coastline almost fours hours south of our village, Bibinje (pronounced Bib-in-yay), just outside of Zadar to tour Roman Ruins in the "atmospheric Old Town" in Split.  As soon as I finish writing this we're going on Rick Steve's Self-Guided Tour of Dioklecijanova Palača. 

So far... well, we're enjoying an abundance of sunshine, making a plethora of memories... and we can't wait to share pictures and stories.  Back at our apartment, the children are spending nearly every second playing in the Adriatic Sea. 

Yesterday, we hiked in Paklenica National Park, wowed by extreme rock climbers scaling sheer cliffs.  Immensely inspiring!

Inspiring.  Inspired.  Loving it here...  loving our time together as a family.  Enjoying deep conversations.  Reevaluating a few things.  Relaxing.  Laughing much.  

Can't wait to share more...

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