Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Today we went to Eli's orthodontist appointment in Speicher. Afterwards, we drove down the street intent on eating an early lunch at City Grill. When we found it wasn't open for another half hour, we meandered over to the Eis Cafe -- Dolomiti -- for some gelato, (Italian ice cream) where we indulged in dessert first.

When we finished our dessert, we returned to City Grill and ordered (in German because Eli challenged us all to do so... Danke, Eli!), Jamaican Pizza, a Döner Kebap, Türkische Pizza, and Pömmes Frites. The children and I sat and visited, (they were in an especially enjoyable conversational mood), reminisced, giggled together, and when the server brought out our order I said, "Danke..." and wanted to add, "very much." But all that came to mind was, "Zikomo kwam biri." (Chichewa language in Malawi, Africa. Isaiah laughed at me, "Where do you think you are?")

As we sat eating our fare, we chatted about the climate, landscape and culture in Wyoming, USA. About Eli's dream to someday own a ranch with unlimited prairie to roam. And we all imagined with him the dreaminess of his idea.

And I had to smile. I am at home -- in Deutchland, Malawi, and Wyoming.


  1. Welcome home!!!

    I imagine it will take some time before you don't have to stop and think about where you actually are. One of the hazard of your abundant blessings, eh?

    SO...take a day or two, get settled, and then get back to BLOGGING! You have been missed.