Friday, July 2, 2010

Loving and Living Here and Now

I am well aware that I live the sweet life. I am reminded in a thousand different ways everyday. This morning, God whispered His love in the breeze that blew fresh across my face as I sat on my sister's front porch gazing up at the mountain. I watched as sunlight slowly slid it's way over the peak, it's fluorescent glow greeting the day. The Rocky Mountain Range is no less than majestic -- and total therapy for my soul. Their grandeur is amazing to behold. Like a beautiful piece of art... especially when you get to meet the artist, like at an art festival, the artist sitting there working on a piece or chatting with patrons, their very presence igniting respect and awe. I smiled as I sat in awe of the Creator, His presence inspiring me, wooing me.

My days are filled with extraordinary moments. Moments that fill me to overflowing with awe and gratitude. A highlight of my time here in the States so far is the Ogden Raptors Baseball Game last Friday. The view of the mountains took my breath away -- while I blinked back tears off and on throughout the evening. We watched as pitchers threw fast balls, batters hit home runs, and the sun set in the west bidding it's breathtaking adieu against the rocky crags in a glorious orange fade. The crowd sang it's rousing rendition of Take Me Out to the Ball Game, standing and swaying, all heart as, "...Buy me some peanuts and Crack-er Jacks..." echoed against the landscape and a digital red, white, and blue flag waved on the reader board. And I couldn't help but get teary as I thought, this is my America. How beautiful is this place that I love so much!

The relationships here are extraordinary. It's good to spend time with my siblings again. And the cousins, well, they've picked up right where they left off three years ago... best friends... only now they're old enough to go play on the mountain every morning before it gets too hot. And don't you just love how people grow up in the same house, with the same parents, and the same basic set of experiences, and yet... well, we come at life so differently! I love it! It mixes it all up and we have to be more intentional, more gracious and forgiving, in our communication and actions. My sisters and brother help me become a better person.

Time spent with my two best girlfriends from high school, Amy and Devita... well, it's every inspiring scene from every movie and every book about friendship. The other night we started with conversation over beignets and coffee next to the river then took it to Amy's house where we put feet up on couches, sipped California wine, and talked until 2 AM. We reminisced about the past, talked present politics, (laughed -- and bemoaned -- over graduation night), and envisioned our futures. What is it about the people you've loved since high school? It runs deep and profound. It's beautiful and inspiring. I'm loving this story that's unfolding for well over 20 years.

Speaking of unfolding stories, inspiring moments, and finding the extraordinary all around, I was delighted to read the post on one of my favorite blogs this morning... My friend, Belinda, posted this. Thank you, Belinda, for giving me the inspiration to post this blog. (It's worth it to watch the clip in full screen.) People. They're beautiful! I cried while watching this clip.

This life... how I love it!

May your eyes be opened as you experience the extraordinary. May you revel in the Creator's love and passion for you. May you celebrate the here and now.


  1. Yes! Oh, yes! May I be touched today with your blessing on me.

  2. What a fun clip! I love how you wrote about being wooed by our God - you certainly seem gifted at taking the time to notice all the ways He courts us. Your description of your time with your friends makes my heart long for a similar experience!

  3. God knows how to give us a majestic sunrise, huh???
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  4. Hmmm...your followers wedgit is blank.

  5. Dear Sharon,
    Knowing that you are being so blessed "at home" makes my heart happy!

    One day we will have all of the people we love in one place at once--that will truly be "heaven!"

    I'm so glad the blessing of that wonderful market surprise is rippling further around the world on the wings of the Olson Family blog.

    Happy July 4th for tomorrow! Yeay for our sister country.

  6. That video had my face hurting from smiling (and of course singing along)! I am so in love with you being here and those moments - I am so blessed, so amazed, and so continually inspired by you. Thank you for being my friend.