Saturday, April 10, 2010

Update From the African Bush

I could talk (or rather, should I say, write?), for the next eight hours and still not fill you in completely on this adventure we're on. Yesterday we traveled to another village about 20 minutes from the village we're staying in, (here with Ron and Ulemu), and spoke with the village about Expectations and Communication in marriage. (Who knew we'd be using the Warrick's marriage mentoring training out in the African Bush!!?) The people are receptive and eager to learn about how to love one another better -- how to honor one another with Christ's love. It was all so surreal, that I think we'll be processing that for a long, long time. (Yet, before we've processed this, we'll be speaking to more villages a few more times in the next couple of days!) And the experience of speaking through a translator! I'm telling you... We're experiencing an intimacy with the Lord and with each other like never before.

Please pray for LeRoy -- he's extremely nauseous with a mix of, yep, {long sigh}, a bout of dysentary. We think he has what has been notoriously dubbed "Malawian Stomach." The rest of us are doing well. Israel and I had a lesson from our friend, Fuma, on how to draw water from the well and carry it back on our heads to the house. We praise God for the moment by moment processing of this incredible lifestyle, the beautiful people, the many, many children always surrounding us, ...and for nsima (the staple food)!

I was going to write a quick blog... but there's so much to share! (I think this will take some time...)

But I'll leave you with this:

So far, our thoughts regarding living out in the African Bush are...

Me: My face hurts (from smiling so much).

LeRoy: All sense of time and urgency has disappeared.

Eli: This is a paradise of fun!

Isaiah: I could stay here forever -- I love it!

Ezekiel: This place is amazing!

Israel: I love all my new friends! (Yesterday she was telling me all about her best friend, a girl about her age named DCinjee, meaning "What shall we leave?")

Thank you for praying for us -- we have much to learn!


  1. Sounds like an amazing time! I am hearing great stories from Kurt's brother who has gone to Mozambique with his wife for long term missions. God is good! :0)

  2. I can only imagine! It's amazing how universal human relationships are -- even out in the African bush with a translator.

    LOVE the updates!

  3. Oh Sharon and am so proud of you and your adventure but also envious. Hug Fuma and Shoduri for us. Yes, the stomach bug is a challenge. Be careful Leroy and don't let it go for too long without getting help. (That's the Mama in me giving that advice.)Give hugs to our kids when you see them and tell Tina we are excited about her coming...Barb and Gary

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  5. I am crying... I don't cry. God spoke to me about you and your adventure... you may or not believe that but it has left me stunned. I love you. Take care and please... hold tight to eachother.