Monday, April 12, 2010


You know those moments when your heart beats crazy? Those moments when you can feel your blood coursing through your veins? When you feel you're going to burst?

And all you can whisper is, "I was made for this."

Praise: Thank you for praying for us! Especially for LeRoy as his stomach ickiness only lasted a day.

**Yesterday we returned from the deep village of Dzuwa. We visited with Bob and Amy and then went to help feed the babies at the nearby orphanage. Oh my! Every experience is big. There are no small moments. Today we go visit the tailor who will make traditional African shirts for the boys. And then we go love babies at the orphanage again. My heart is so full... I hardly know where to begin to describe these moments.


  1. Africa seems to capture the hearts of those who venture there! How will you tear yourselves away?

    God bless you. I know he is making you a great blessing to your friends and those you touch with your lives.

  2. Can't wait to see how this BIG experience impacts your family!