Sunday, February 7, 2010


Superbowl, 2010. The game started at 12:30 our time. It's now 3:41 in the morning and they're in the final quarter of the game.

As you know, we don't have television at our house ( choice) and so we're staying on Base tonight in one of their TLF (temporary living facility) rooms.
We ate pizza for dinner and all manner of fattening munchies (...I remained "on top of my game" regarding this health and fitness project, though).
We thought it best to find a place where we could plant ourselves for the night so that masses of melted cuteness could stay put when eyelids grew too heavy to keep open.
Game's over... everyone's asleep. I took Tylenol Congestion & Pain for this full-on head and chest cold... counting on sleeping in with the rest of the clan.

In the words of Israel tonight, "Oh man! Another day that is the best day ever!!" (In case I don't get to it later, yesterday we went to Eli's basketball game in Baumholder then ate lunch at the Base in Ramstein followed by a couple of hours of swimming in their new Aquatic Center -- while I went running on the treadmill at the nearby fitness center. All that made for a full day. A "best day ever!"

Love you all. Blessings.


  1. We watched it at 10 am :)in australia
    I know who won

  2. That's high praise from a kiddo, Sharon! Sorry to hear that you're still sick, but glad that you got to take part in this American tradition. :)

  3. Another BEST DAY EVER. That's gonna have to be my new saying. Thanks Israel!