Sunday, January 10, 2010


What they said this past week:

Zae: Everything takes at least an hour in this family! (In response to the mention that an upcoming activity would probably take about an hour.)

Zeke: Mom, thanks for starving me! I think it really worked and I learned a lot! (After being sent to bed without dinner twice in one week for not following through with responsibilities.)

Eli: He's wordy... kinda like you, Mom. (Upon the third day of reading through the Book of Luke, a chapter at a time, as a family -- and realizing how loooong Luke's chapters are.)

Israel: When I was a baby, I never knew I could have a great mom like you. (This, after receiving a discipline for disrespect. Hey! At this rate, I might have this parenting thing down by the time I'm a grandma!)

Ever grateful for His endless grace!


  1. I'm on page 24 of Outliers. I keep thinking that I'm waaaay over the 10,000 mark in regard to mothering. When am I going to be outstanding at it???????

    I love that you "starve" people. All the good moms do. :-)

  2. I was thinking about this on the way to church last night (for the Christmas program that was snowed out) as I was complaining about smelling like the bacon we had eaten for our breakfast-for-dinner, and Moose said:

    "If you smelled like bacon you'd be IRRESISTIBLE!"

    Some quotes are profound, others, not so much. :-)

    Holding my breath for what God's up to through us, sister. I can't.wait.

  3. The Hour Rule.

    The Starving Rule.

    The Wordy Rule.

    Yup, GREAT mom. You MUST be approaching the 10,000 hour mark!

    High-five kids, your mom's a hero. (Dad too!)

  4. Hi Sharon! The comment about everything taking an hour is my fave :-)