Saturday, November 28, 2009

Prague, Czech Republic

"It's not Czechoslovakia anymore."

"It's not?"

"No. It's like they decided to split the country and make two instead -- The Czech Republic and Slovakia. You know, like if they split Utah down the middle and had U and Tah. Or, Washington became Wash and Ington."

"What are they known for?" The Bohemian Rhapsody starts playing in my head. Nope.

"Bohemian Crystal." pause. "And I read somewhere that they have a killer soccer team."

"The Christmas Markt on Saturday will be wonderful, I think!"

The Samantha Brown DVD we watched gave us a bit of insight...

Conversations in which we bounce our questions, schema's, and theories between one another in the van on the 7-hour drive to Prague.

But since our arrival early yesterday, our senses are nearly on overload as we are in a place unlike any we've visited so far. It's a mix...

We're BLESSED to be here. But it will take some time to articulate our experience. This place (like every other place I've ever visited) has captured my heart... I am intrigued. Fascinated. These people. Their stories. Where they've come from. Our pension owner's comment yesterday, "This is the most atheist country in Europe."

Tell me more.


  1. Let us know if you ran into any "Bubnas". The family is from the Black Forest of Austria which is no in Czech territory. They are Bohemian and there are Bubna castle ruins in Germany. :0)

  2. I felt it, the lack of God's presence there. Even still, Prague is amazing and beautiful and PLEASE go to the Jewish cemetery for me! Like a dummy, I tried to go on a Saturday..

    Prague is one of the only place we did a formal tour, and I remember distinctly that the Hub and TM were goofing off throughout. Embarrassing at the time, pretty hilarious in hindsight.

    Also. We bought a chandelier (not in Prague, but in one of the crystal towns that I can't pronounce). It was in the photo of the pottery you sent. Over my dining room table. Do that. It cost next to nothing and holds such sweet memories for me.

    Also. Buy something from an artist on the Charles Bridge. Good memories for pennies on the koruna.

    There. You have my orders. Now go have fun!