Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Random thoughts about us...

I was 21-years old. You were 28. We met in March of 1993. One evening in early April you took me to see the movie, "Jack the Bear" at the Lincoln Heights Theatre on the South Hill. Afterward, we went to The Onion in downtown Spokane, shared french fries and mozzarella sticks. Then we walked through Riverfront Park. At the end of the night I thought, hm, nice guy. I was pretty sure I had scared you off: You were mortified when I wanted to waltz with you on the bridge over the Spokane River... in the moonlight. After all, someone might be watching.

But, you asked me out a few nights later. And a couple days after that, too.

Seven months later, I married you on November 23rd.

Overlooking the valley from up in the German Alps along the Germany-Austria border.

We didn't know each other. Not really. We both came into the marriage lugging our baggage along with us, blissfully, albeit naively, unpacking our metaphorical elephants and then spending the first few years tiptoeing around them.

Caen, France.

We struggled to mesh our hopes and dreams. We muddled along, sometimes taking great smooth strides, other times limping -- holding one another up -- as we figured out our family's values.

Sunset at the North Sea... near Brugge, Belgium.
Mr. Steady marries FreeSpirit.
Different in sooo many ways. Committed to a life-time of learning how to love one another better.
North Sea, near Brugge, Belgium.
I was in a whimsical mood -- He was being a total goofball.
My heart replays 16 years of history with this man who continues to woo me, pursue me, romance me. I, who am impossible at times. You, so true-blue.
We come at life from such vastly different angles: you from a silly, goofball angle; me from an analytical, pondering angle. I see the far-off vision, ask the "What if..." You live in today, ask, "What's for supper tonight?"
North Sea near Brugge, Belgium
16 years of God's grace and mercy. 16 years of memories. 16 years.
9 years of Married Couples Night Out (MCNO), a guaranteed date twice a month. How we miss that!!! We went to lunch, just the two of us, on Monday -- the fourth date we've been on since moving here 2+ years ago. Hmm. Something we need to remedy.

Beneath the Eifel Tower in Paris, France.
I dream of seeing the world. You figure out where we'll eat and sleep upon our arrival.
Me, the visionary. You, the get-er-done man. Literally, I dream out loud, "Wouldn't it be fun to ___________?" You have a knack for making it happen.

Chess Square, Amsterdam, Holland
On Monday we toasted, our iced tea glasses chnked, "To us."

When we mentioned our anniversary to our children Isaiah said, "Good job!" smile. Yes, good job. We laughed, and he wanted to know what was so funny. We explained marriage is no easy feat. Sometimes it's a lot of hard work. That it takes committment. He pondered that for a moment, then, "Really?"

Really, really.

That evening I looked into your eyes, "Thank you for asking me to marry you."

"Thank you for saying 'yes.'"

If I had it to do over, I'd choose you again.

I love you.


  1. "Good job" indeed! Happy anniversary! :)

  2. Oh, tears in my eyes, sigh and smile. The best things are the most expensive, every sacrifice a down payment. In the end we marvel that the treasure we've purchased is far greater than what we've paid. Treasure.

  3. Congratulations to two of the best! Reading that totally made me think of me and Ben (we're doing a good job at #15 right now so you're ahead but just by a smidge)! How did two crazy girls like us find these incredible men?! Just Blessed I guess! Happy Aniversary!

    *as always please overlook what is bound to be a massive amount of misspelling! LOL

  4. Happy Anniversary, I cannot believe it has been that long. Then again, I always knew it would be forever the first time I saw you two together. Cherish it, cherish each other - and go on more dates!

  5. Oh, Miss Free Spirit and Mr. Steady, happy anniversary!!!

    You wrote this so beautifully. It made me sigh and smile and read between the lines.

    God bless you both. I only know you through the blogosphere, but I love you from afar.

  6. That was so sweet!!! Happy Anniversary and many more blessings ahead!

  7. This is a very sweet story of a romantic courtship and marriage.
    Happy Anniversary.
    My dh and I recently celebrated our 38th anniversary and I enjoyed your post here.