Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Fun Never Stops

Seriously, it is one teary moment after another in these past two years... like my reality is one a person finds in their dreams during the wee hours of the morning... the kind of dreams a person tries to stay asleep for... and yet, it´s all real... so very, very real...

In the last few days we´ve visited Aachen, Germany; made our way through Haarlem and Amsterdam and Delft in Holland; to end up in this moment here where I´m pecking (quite literally) at this Flemish keyboard in Brugge, Belgium.

Last night we played in the last of the day´s fuschia rays as my children built sand castles in the sand and splashed in the North Sea. We played until we were merely sillouhettes.

Today we head to Normandy, France where we´ll explore the D-Day Beaches.

And then to add to all the wonderfulness of all this... as if it couldn´t get any better... but it does... is that we get to share all this with our friends Gordon, Lisa, and AJ!!!

Love and blessings...


  1. {Sigh} Smilin' from ear to ear just thinking of it... :)

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  3. living the high life.... dreaming one incredible dream... but wait guess what it is our life.... God is good!

  4. Sounds divine, Sharon. I'd say to enjoy each moment, but I already know you do!