Wednesday, June 24, 2009

This Day, Part I

{long sigh}

Nine children. Four of my own. Five I get to love on temporarily. Three days into this. Overwhelmingness. These precious treasures ranging in ages from 1 - 14.

{long, long sigh}

If only I could climb into each of their little heads. Walk the passageways of their imaginations. Look in on bound up foolishness. Revel in rooms of insights. Peek at the gauges on the love tanks.

Last night's dinner was a bust. I served up a Tex-Mex chicken taco salad. I knew I was living outside the box... but not too much. Almost every single person -- 8 out of 10, including my gracious husband who tried to find something positive to say -- complained. Only Zae and the baby -- who didn't have any -- didn't complain. Exasperated, I sat down and took a big bite. Yuck! Some funky tang left a strange sensation on my tongue and a terrible aftertaste. Apologies all around. The ensuing gathering of the plates and throwing together a stack of quesadillas.

It's 9:30 on this new day. We've cooked up a batch of pancakes, made syrup sans high fructose corn syrup, dressed em' all, gave them their vitamins... I'm exhausted. I read a blog yesterday about being missional instead of blogging about it. smile. Thought I'd take this moment while they're all watching a movie to blog about...


  1. I love how you can turn anything - even a busy day with 5 kids and a less-than-perfect dinner - into a reminder of God's blessings. You're awesome!

  2. I still remember our first dinner together and the section of your journal about the two spies going into Caanan and how you "could almost hear the theme from mission impossible in the background" LOL Our children have grown and our locations and stations have changed as the years have gone by but your joy and sweet turn of words have remained constant. I miss you somthing awful today Miss Sharron!

  3. Sharon Plus Nine. Doesn't quite have the right ring to it, but I'll bet you could get a season's worth of episodes out of this particular adventure!