Saturday, May 16, 2009

Holiday on the Sea

I watched my husband´s eyes -- eyes as blue as the sea-view from our condo -- well up with tears yesterday. He was recounting our blessings, overwhelmed by God´s extraordinary gifts to us.

So here we are, on the Meditteranean Sea, along the Costa del Sol in Malaga, Spain. Extraordinary, extravagant grace: my children dashing in and out of white-capped, azur waves, their smiles and childish cheers exclaiming what my heart longs to put into words. LeRoy and I strolling along the beach, and me not sure what´s more hot, the tropical sun beating down or the love between he and I.

We are overcome. I am struggling for words. Just when I think it couldn´t possibly be more "abundant" does. This grace. This undeserved gift.

Lord, help me live this life in a way that lifts you up and shows my gratitude to You.


  1. OK... now I hate you a little... I don't really but.... you better be enjoying this... like really enjoying every single solitary second of this because although it couldn't have happened to a nicer girl... this bad girl wishes that she were on the beach of the Mediteranean with her lover too!!! LOL!!! I love you and I promise I only fake hate you!

  2. Haha! :)

    One of the many splendid moments you'll take with you forever. I love how full and rich with memories you will be as an old woman.

  3. You see the blessings and beauty in the here and now. That is such a gift. So many don't see or cherish, until the moment is past. To relish the moment; to give thanks while it is...God must love that.

  4. Aaahhhhhh. Lovely. I'm smiling for you, with you, but also hoping (just a teeny tiny bit) that someone smacks a sibling or talks back or does something to make you seem not quite so perfect.

    I mean that in the best possible way.