Tuesday, May 19, 2009

8 Years

Eight years ago today, the delivery room burst into hooplas and shouts of joy when Dr. Ellingsen held my baby up and announced, "Look, Sharon! You have a girl!!" Goodness. Eight years!

We asked her several months ago, "Where do you want to go for your birthday?" (Yes, I was inwardly relieved that Chuck E Cheese wasn´t an option.) She told us Spain. This girl who never ceases to amaze me. Lately she´s surprised me with her quick wit and even quicker smile. She is fearless... which both brings me to my knees with humble requests for God´s protection while filling me with an equal dose of inspiration. Two days ago we were in Tangier, Morocco, when she ran over to a camel and climbed up on its back when the tour guide said, "She´s not afraid, is she?" And me just nodding because Israel´s smile said it all.

This girl who hasn´t asked me for toys for her birthday... just a pony. The kind she can ride. So amidst conversations of what she´s going to feed this pony and where he´ll live... we went on a family horseback riding adventure today through the hills of Spain. I rode behind her where I could see her tangled blonde hair contrasted against the bright red kaftan we bought her to cover sunburned shoulders in Morocco and I thanked God for this incredible warrior princess. I want to be more like her. This wild child whose faith is unshakeable, who is the first to pray for healing when someone is ill. And yes, I pray... oh, how I pray... that God will give me the strength and the wisdom to parent this fierce daughter who has an iron will... for patience when that iron will contradicts my own... for humility to listen and understand and quietly learn. This girl whose name means, "Strives with God, and is victorious." This woman-in-the-making who represents God´s enduring, unending, merciful, and gracious love.


May God bless you and give you His favor, Israel. May you always know that you are a princess, daughter of a Heavenly King. May you always live as fully and courageously as you do now. I love you. But Jesus loves you more.


  1. I loved your beautiful, passionate and tender description of your spunky daughter Israel. When I read the meaning of her name, I laughed, because all the way through, Israel reminded me of my granddaughter, another warrior princess, whose name is Victoria! :) What wonderful, strong women they will be. And yes, God please strengthen those of us you have entrusted with their growing years. :) Bless you and Israel!

  2. Happy Birthday to Israel who is blessed with such loving parents who are so passionately in love with a living God that she will surely be also!

  3. Where are the pictures Miss Sharron.... I want pictures!!! Work with me here!

  4. Happy Birthday Israel. We love you and miss you. You are growing up so fast and we're missing it, but not for long. We're coming for vacation, leaving here June 30th (I think--if the time is approved by the boss). Since you are in Spain now, what will you do for an encore when we get there?
    Waiting impatiently to see you,Grandma Katherine.
    PS Sharon, I agree with AmyK, Where are the pictures?

  5. Oh, I love that girl! I read the post and knew I wanted to be JUST like her. What a princess, gentle and fierce as the wind. Glorious.

  6. I'm blubbering way over here.