Monday, January 12, 2009

Zeke Turns 10 Today!

Happy Birthday Ezekiel!

The above photo reveals so much of who Zeke is. He's our budding scientist as he is the one who is constantly making discoveries, observations, and saving collections. He is the one in the family most likely to stop along the way to see if something can come apart, be tasted, rebuilt, smashed, squished, rolled up, or caught. Though he doesn't care much for handling snakes, he is the one who finds them for the others. He's a voracious reader, often finishing a novel in one or two days. On the technological side, his is the name that can be heard when some electronic isn't working, "Zeeeeke! The computer's gone berserk! I need you!" Somehow, (we honestly stand there scratching our heads, grateful for his expertise), he's able to get us back in working order. If Zeke has a motto for his life, it's probably along the lines of, "Just tell me what the rules are."

Zeke's love of music is evidenced in the humming or singing he does all day long. Just yesterday he was singing a silly song during homeschool and his brother's told him to please stop as he was distracting them. I smiled at him and said, "Maybe something not so distracting. You know, something like Beethoven or Rachmoninav." He paused, looked at me, and started humming a tune by Beethoven. We let him.

If you've lost something, Zeke can find it for you. It's like he goes through his life making observations and storing them in his memory bank. Then, when we're all frantic trying to find something, he'll saunter over to some shelf, drawer, or cupboard, turn around and bring the object to us. Or, he'll remember some tidbit of a previous conversation and then recall it for us when we're trying to remember the details, (sometimes when I thought he hadn't been paying attention at all). If you were someone who wanted to know about our family, he is the one who could tell you everything about each of us from our favorite foods and colors to our pet peeves and uncomely habits.

Zeke, I enjoy watching you grow and mature more every day. I appreciate your compassion and thoughtfulness for others. I am grateful for your attention to detail (like yesterday when you surprised me by making me a cup of my favorite tea and fixing it just the way I like). You are unique, one-of-a-kind, there's no one else like you, and the world is a better place because you're in it. I can hardly believe 10 years has gone by so fast. 10 years! I'm glad I'm your mom. Keep being the person you are... strong-willed, funny, sweet, compassionate, intelligent... to name a few. Happy Birthday, Son. I love you. ~Mom


  1. Sounds like he notices a lot of things the rest of us never see. The world would be a rather more drab place without this stroke of genius.

  2. Isn't that the little boy that used to cuddle with me in the nursery during bible study. I miss that sweet boy!

  3. I remember when he was born! Oh, how the time does fly while we are having fun! I think of you and your family often and I am having a ball reading up on everyone! Raven turns 11 next month and I feel the same way! It is so incredible to be their moms! Say hi to everyone for us!