Monday, June 16, 2008

Is it just me?

Okay, I am laughing my fool head off right now because of my lack of technology savvy! So I've been hitting buttons lately to see what will happen if I push... this. Right? And I finally decide to stay up waaayyy past my bedtime to fiddle around with this fancy PhotoBucket site everyone keeps telling me about. Well, I figure the next thing I was going to share about was our oh-so-cool, (and enlightening), trip to Amsterdam, so hey, why not upload a really fun slideshow complete with fancy effects and everything!! So I push a whole bunch more buttons, upload an entire "album" and then look for the button to click that says to publish to my blog. Aha! There it is! Click! ... ... ...wait... how come there's only one picture? And how come the only picture that says it uploaded was the one with the girl handing out seeds so we, too, could grow those pretty plants in our very own home! And I thought I cropped out the nose on that guy in the side of the picture!! What?! Well, I'm thinking, no big deal. It probably didn't actually post, I probably have to go to my blog and click on something to make it post.

Click. Frantic tapping on keys. Type my username where it says "Anmelden." And... now I am laughing. I think it's time for me to go to bed. So the photo you see of the guy's big nose and something happening in the background... now you know.

I have so much to tell you about Amsterdam, (the rumors are true), but I'm going to save it for after a good night's sleep. And I think I'll use my tried and true method... for now. smile.

For the record, (because I won't sleep if I let you wonder if I took some seeds from the kind lady or not), I didn't. Obviously, I need all the brain cells I can possibly keep!!

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