Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Garmisch, Germany

On April 17th, I drove to Heidelberg with Fran, (our pastor's wife), where we boarded a tour bus destined for an In His Image: Women of Excellence Ministries Conference in Garmisch, the Bavarian village on the Austrian border.
I admit, after being in Spain for a week with the coolest people on earth, I wasn't too excited about leaving them for 4 days to go off to a conference. I missed my family before I ever even left. However, I was excited about the prospect of spending lots of time with Fran.
And... it ended up being another time of total refreshment in a very different way! What a blessed, blessed weekend I had! Have you ever had someone simply pour into you? I mean, pour into you so selflessly, with such a complete, focused, and intense love that comes with no strings attached? That's how the weekend went. It was God Who showed up big time, and poured endless blessings into people's lives. I was so full and running over by the time the conference was over that I couldn't wait to get back home and splash blessing and joy all over my family. Again and again, I am reminded how complete, how satisfying, how fulfilling, God's love is! He is my Source.
I also had a marvelous time getting to know Fran. Once in a while you meet someone in life who is just so easy to love! I mean, you just can't help but gravitate toward these loveable, easy-going, level-headed, wise people! Well, Fran is one of those people. So positive, upbeat, joyful, and peaceful. Besides, she tells stories. So it was a tremendous treat to hear her share stories from her childhood, her parenting years, her marriage, and ministry.
Little did I know that a few weeks later she and her husband would be announcing their departure for the States. So I'll always treasure that weekend. This Friday our pastors are returning to the States as they begin a new season in their lives. While they are going to be terribly missed, we rejoice with them in this new season and leg of the journey they are embarking on!!! (Me and the boys picked up our new pastors and their 5-year old daughter from the Frankfurt airport yesterday!)
Fran and I standing in front of the foothills of the Austrian Alps.

The gorgeous handiwork of an Almighty Creator!


  1. Sharon,
    I was going to try to call you because Zak and Hannah are going to Spokane for a month. But I see that they won't be able to visit you after all. How can I write to you? I am so excited that you are there in Germany instead of Spokane.
    We are still in Alaska and expecting baby #6 in Sept.
    Please write to me: tchrdh@hotmail.com
    Tamara Holschen

  2. Hello! I just did a google search for Fran and came upon your blog. We were stationed at Spangdahlem from 02-05, and love Pastor and Fran as much as you clearly do. We haven't heard from them since they left Germany. Do you have a contact number/email for them? Thanks, so much!