Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ich habe gute nachricht heute!!

Blog Title translated: I have good news today!! (That's the phrase Isaiah taught us this morning over breakfast.)

Our phones are working again AND we HAVE INTERNET AT OUR HOUSE!! High-speed, no less! And to see the peace that has come over my husband... ahhhh. So the last three blog posts were written from our library in the comfort of my own home!

The German phone technician who came to repair our line did not speak one word of English. Not one. Much hand-waving, pointing, nodding, grunting, me attempting to find the German word, him laughing, then me laughing, him rattling off German as if I were born and raised here and finishing with a look that says, "Comprende?" (Isn't that Spanish for "understand?"), me shrugging, "Ich lernen Duetsch langsam," (I'm learning German slowly)... he can see that. His smile says, "No kidding!" But pretty soon he had the phones working again and then a few minutes later he showed me that I was connected to the internet at the same time! "Danke!" I tell him over and over. I want to give him a big hug. But I don't. I'm thinking that might reflect badly on Americans. So my repeated Danke and cheesy smile will have to do. He says something in German and I understand that what he has just said is, "We didn't do too bad considering the fact that I don't speak English and you don't speak German!" We smile at one another and shake hands. I say Danke again. He tells me to have a good weekend. I want to say, "You, too." But all I can think of is, "Y, tu!" (More Spanish...) So I just say Danke instead.

Just wanted to drop you that quick update and "Thank You, Jesus!" report.

Habe eine schön gut tag! (Have a great day!)

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  1. Okay, so you gave my wife this web address, and we read it. So, when would the Olsen family like to come visit the Taylor medieval workshop?
    I know you're phone is working now, so call us at 06554-958616 or e-mail at ceawlin -at-

    --Gene Taylor