Monday, November 19, 2007

Mixin It Up, Makin It Interesting!

So we threw, (almost literally), the children into the Dodds (Department of Defense) military schools at the start of the year. Everyone kept asking if we had enrolled the children yet. I kept thinking We don't even know where we're living yet! Then it was Friday -- Open House at the Dodds schools... first day of school starts on Monday. We attend the Open House and I assure the children, "Don't worry, we have to start somewhere! In a couple of months, when the dust is settled, we'll re-evaluate. Remember, things can always change." Now it has been "a couple of months." The "dust is settled." Upon re-evaluation... Yep! Definitely time to change things up.

So now I have a knot in the pit of my stomach. Not worries. No, this resembles the time I stood in the bucket of a crane, 30 feet up in the air, with my toes hanging over the edge -- with nothing but a rubber band attached to my ankles and the guy running the show threatening me, "If you don't jump, we'll lower you back down to the ground and you don't get a refund." So I jumped.

Today I sat in the office of the Head Meister (Master... or, Principal) at the Elementary School with Isaiah. Herr Raab (Mr. Raab -- pronounced like "Rob") shook our hands and asked when we would like to begin.

"As soon as possible," I say, trying my best to sound confident. I feel like my toes are hanging over the edge.

"When you say 'as soon as possible' I think that is tomorrow." He looks at me, matter of fact, smiles, and waits for my answer.

"Isaiah?" I look at my son -- after all, who's really about to jump anyway?

"Ja! Sehr gut!" (Yes! Very good!) he says. His eyes are lit up and he leans forward as he speaks. The Meister smiles.

And with that he leads us out to the Sekratarie (I'm pretty sure I'm not spelling Secretary correctly) where he interprets for us as she puts in his first and last name, birthplace, date of birth, and mine and LeRoy's names. "Do you need his middle name?" I ask. No. No middle name. No shot records. No list of known ailments and diseases. Registered. Just like that. Starts on Wednesday.

As if that weren't enough, Eli is over at the Middle School at this very moment visiting all of his teachers and getting them to sign his "Clearance Sheet." Tomorrow we officially begin Homeschool.

We now have our happy-go-lucky, passionate Isaiah back!! Yahoo! And Eli is once again hopeful and excited about school. Things were getting a little desperate there for a minute. They were not enjoying their Dodds experience and were actually getting more and more depressed. Isaiah had wanted to try German school since before we left the States and Eli was really looking forward to Homeschool. So now we've jumped. I'm glad I know Who is for us... Who is our "rubber band" attached to our spirits as we leap into yet another adventure.

I'll keep you posted. My children continue to inspire and challenge me to be more, stretch out of my comfort zone, and live beyond what I think is possible.

More later...

ALL of our love to you!!!


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  1. will be good. The Lord will use all this stretching for good as you lean on Him and find Him able to above and beyond what you think. It's apart of the story of His glory that He is creating in you and your kids lives. Yeah God..Barb Warrick