Thursday, November 1, 2007

Burg Eltz

Friday, October 26, 2007

Five families. 23 children. 10 parents.

Like synchronized swimmers, five minivans entered the autobahn and headed east toward the A48. Remember the scene from Mary Poppins when they jumped into the sidewalk painting only to find themselves in a magical world where carrousel horses came alive and penguins danced? Well, we drove along and the brisk air and autumn colors were so vibrant, so majestic, that it felt as though we had left the real world only to travel through a beautiful postcard.

Within the hour we wound our way through sweet cobblestoned villages following signs which read "Burg Eltz," an 800-year old castle owned by the same family from the beginning -- 33 generations! That's a lot of Eltz's! Before long we arrived in the parking lot, counted heads, and began the hike down the long, winding path to the castle.
About half way down we came around a bend in the path and stopped to take pictures. The group above is about half of the crew we were with.
Picture of the Burg Eltz; and that's Isaiah in the red hat!
A little further down... great place for a family photo!
Some of the children...
Olson Familie!

Just a few more minutes before the "English Tour" begins...
Israel and me, Sharon -- in the courtyard in the middle of the castle!
LeRoy and me -- another shot within the courtyard walls.
After the tour, Isaiah and one of our friends, (I think that's Arriana), scaled the castle wall. Another Toby Mac lyric comes to mind, "Shake it! Don't break it! It took your mama nine months to make it!"

Zae, Eli, Israel, and Zeke standing at the castle gate.
Burg Eltz... our favorite castle, so far!
Okay, so I received a few comments, "Sharon, you need to smile in your pictures!" So, I've given up trying to look cool... or something. And I've decided to just be plain old regular silly me. So, that's me, being the regular passionate me that I really am. (I guess "cool" doesn't work on everybody.)
And then the boys followed suite.
I would tell you more about this castle... but we'd rather you came to stay with us and then we'll take you there ourselves!! You're gonna' love it!!
**Quick note: All these castles and city walls and gates... What amazing, tangible experiences to bring up conversations about fortresses!! The hymn lyrics that keep going through my head is "A mighty fortress is our God..."
All our love to you!


  1. Fun, fun, fun for the Olson family! Did you learn the difference between a castle that is a burg and a castle that is a schloss??????? mmmmmm......


  2. Hi there! I just found your blog as I was googleing Manderschied Castle...
    I see you are ar Spang.. Congrats! We were assigned there 94 to 97... Loved it... Let me just tell you something... In Bitburg is a bakery called Oven Fresh(In German though, I just gave it to you in English, lol) you will find that they have the greatest Ham, tomato and cheese Sandwiches!!!
    Have fun over there, Have you gotten to Bitburg Stausse?? They have paddle boats there, :)

  3. Hi there OLSON FAMILY: I finally got Lisa (Beeman)to give me the address for your blog; haven't read all of them yet, but have really enjoyed them, filling in the blanks that Lisa left out; Yes, God is SO GOOD & AMAZING, isn't HE? You must be busy, the number of blogs has slowed down recently. Love & Prayers
    Beth VanAuken (Lisa B's mom)