Sunday, May 6, 2007

A peaceful week

I want to take a moment to acknowledge the Peace that passes all understanding. The past eleven days have been filled with pre-adventure activities that has filled the atmosphere in our home with off-the-charts-enthusiasm. As soon as I heard we got the job in Germany I started packing (at least this is what I told myself as I emptied the contents of my attic onto my living room floor), sorting through "what stays" and "what goes." I found this last week that moving halfway around the world gives new meaning to what to keep and what to be done with. Suddenly, things that I have always held near and dear to my heart faded into the background as visions of our family bicycling along famous rivers -- taking breaks to explore castles -- came into sharp focus.

There is much to do and the time is already flying by and yet, I can feel God's hugs, see His smiles, as I cancel subscriptions, take another load of stuff down to Goodwill, put bedding in a box and label it "Germany." A few months ago, I felt like I was supposed to start praying for a "breakthrough." Now I feel as though God has graciously, mercifully given us just that as we step out into the unknown ready to embrace what lies ahead.

This opportunity is a miracle. I marvel at the Peace that God has surrounded us with as we face each moment and each moving issue with a sense of Isn't this fun!! That's the God of peace -- and adventure -- we serve!

On Monday we went as a family to apply for our passports. Even that little experience had us looking at each other and commenting several times Can you believe we're actually doing this? Eli and Ezekiel filled out their own applications... How fun is that?!

And so, with great anticipation, we continue to make preparations... Feel free to stop by for a cup of tea (or fresh brewed coffee) and visit. I want to hear about you!!

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