Sunday, December 31, 2017

Cue the Curtain

It's 4:18 in the afternoon. Less than eight hours until we close our calendars on 2017. The curtain will close momentarily and a cacophony of celebration will ring in the next act. Of course, some will sleep through the event and others will whisper prayers.

A couple of days ago, an acquaintance sent me a copy of his list of declarations, goals and dreams for 2018. Twelve pages, single-spaced. It's powerful. And it got me thinking.

I used to dream bigger. I used to set audacious goals.

Then somewhere along the way, amidst the day-to-day routines and rigmarole, dreams shrunk. They went from epic to... manageable. Doable.

Perhaps vision got a little fuzzy in the transition of moving back to the States from Germany this last year. The sudden change in plans from a five-year stay in Germany to the new plan of returning after only three years. The adventure of living in six different places in the span of three months. Maybe pulling inward and purposing not to be idealistic gave me the illusion of control.

However, we're not designed to play small. Really, it doesn't benefit anyone if we shrink back. We're made to live into our purpose, to chase ridiculous dreams with wild, reckless abandon.   

I want my life to be a movie I'd want to watch with my children and grandchildren one day.

You know, sometimes you have to reflect on where the plot line of the story is going. And if it doesn't align with who you are, if it isn't congruent with your vision, then revise the script.

I talk about this in my book, Living Your Legacy. How it's important to slow down, ask the right questions, pivot where necessary.

During this brief intermission, I'm taking the opportunity to review the story line. To edit to epic, love-based, solution oriented, idealistic scenes.

This is going to be fun.

*How about you? Hit reply to this email and let me know what's in your story line for 2018. And let me know if there's anything I might help you with.

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