Monday, November 28, 2016

On Showing Up

Only five more Mondays left in 2016. This used to be my favorite day of the week. New. Fresh. A blank canvas with Possibility and Productivity framing the span between traditional Sabbaths.

Mondays eventually came in second place to Tuesday as my favorite day. Tuesday reminds me of the lighting and sound booth at an event.

Her tenuous place toward the back of the room. The switches and knobs and gauges quietly waiting. The show? The event? The music? It isn't the same without her. Ordinary and functional, I dubbed Tuesday as my day to "start new projects."

Yet, more and more, my days are all running together. Like the technician who seamlessly transitions the lights and bass output, I'm finding renewed energy and passion as I learn to synchronize ideas and communication, vision and momentum.

This apprenticeship in the art -- and sheer romance and poetry -- of Entrepreneurship.

Of showing up and turning your life's art into a series of experiences.

There are people who are masters at this. People who live all in. Do meaningful work.

And invite us to stand on their shoulders to reach toward our dreams.

No one is "self-made." That's ludicrous. Who in your life is encouraging you toward your goals?

And, just as important, where are you showing up, helping others frame their life with Possibility and Passion? Inviting them into the space where, together, you turn ordinary and functional into world class experiences?

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