Monday, June 22, 2015

Choose Who to Offend

"I won't listen to that speaker..." my friend pointed to the CD case on the center console of my van, "he's patronizing."

I didn't have any feedback. My friend was referring to a well-known motivational coach who impacts tens of thousands of lives. Sure, there are a few points that I disagree on, but overall, he teaches principles that I both believe in and teach my family. He genuinely cares about people and wants to see them succeed in life.

Fast forward several days later. During a conversation, an honest friend shared candidly with me, "You know, Sharon, I think I know why some people don't want to be your friend." Yeah, I leaned in.

The comment came on the heels of a conversation in which I was pretty passionate.

Curious, I prompted this person to go on. "You come across as patronizing."

So I've churned that over in my mind for the last several days. I've heard that word twice in the last week. Once in reference to someone else. And the other directed toward me. What does that mean? I value that kind of feedback. But because I can't seem to ever, ever leave well enough alone, (that's a whole other blog post... that'll probably be patronizing... so don't read it...), and I'm over-analyzing, wanting to know what everything means... well.

Here is what I'm thinking...

You have a message! You are an artisan! Your message, your art, will make the world a better place. You are an expert and someone needs your expertise. There is something inside you that excites you, makes your blood run a little quicker through your veins, and fuels your creativity.

Perhaps there are two kinds of people in the world?

Those who are going to feel offended -- patronized by your passion.

And those who will be inspired.

I look forward to your inspiration.

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