Wednesday, October 2, 2013

31 Days of Wonder

It is mid-morning.  Somehow the time is getting away from us and we're still in pajamas, me at the stove frying a few eggs.  Glancing at the clock I mention out loud that LeRoy will be home pretty soon.

My 18-year old is confused, "Why is Dad coming home so early?"  I explain that he's on furlough now -- along with thousands of others -- until some decisions are made by those at the top levels.  I explain that this means he doesn't go to work and doesn't get paid until the furlough is lifted.  I slide in next to my boy who towers over me even as we are sitting side by side.  His expression draws me in... he's all enthusiasm and trust and faith and compassion.

"Mom!  You know what's great?"  He doesn't wait for an answer.  "Now we'll be able to empathize better with all our friends, all those families in our lives who have struggled financially because they either couldn't find work or the job they have isn't enough to support a family!  We'll understand them better!"

And with that perspective, how could I go through my day with anything but a heart full of gratitude and thankfulness?

Meditating long on Psalm 34 and the wonder of His Presence.

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