Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Unbelievable Bliss

While I try to figure out how to work our new computer program -- and the photo app that came with it -- I am hugely distracted by perusing some 40,000 photos and trying to figure out how to organize them onto the computer. After spending the last several hours in this endeavor, (and only downloading almost 3,000 photos... because I'm quite thoroughly perplexed), I am filled to the brim with nostalgia. We must have over a thousand photos of just the area right around our house. And then there's the photos of our travels. Every picture tells a story. It's all surreal.

In fact, the other day at the boy's high school someone asked Eli, "Oh! You're Isaiah's brother? So he told me you guys used to live in Germany..." Eli said his expression was full of skepticism, doubt. After he verified what Isaiah said, the boy was surprised, "Oh. You really did?"

How amazing and fun to live the kind of life that sounds unbelievable! Sometimes I, too, am overcome by these last five years, years that were remarkable and altogether romantic! And then I spend an evening like this one looking through memories and I am speechless.

I'll keep working on organizing these photos. In the meantime, I found this one that describes my heart today:


Today I met with a few other women over coffee and sweet delicacies baked up by our hostess.  I adore these women and truly meant to take pictures...  but instead got caught up in the conversation.  sigh.  It's time for me to start documenting my moments and days again.  Such a delicious, whimsical thought!

*Photo taken in Kenmare, County Kerry, Ireland

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  1. live the kind of life that sounds unbelievable. Yes, yes, so good.