Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy In Portugal

Definitely. Visit. Portugal. the next opportunity you get.  Specifically the Southern Coastline.

Slathered in sunblock, we played allllllll day in the sunshine.  First on a boat that gave us quite a ride on some hearty waves as we made our way along "postcard fame" rock formations.  Perhaps I captured postcard worthy photos?  (When asked her favorite part of the boat trip, Israel answered, "The huge waves."  I smiled ~ this daredevil daughter of mine.)  Then, we made our way to the quiet village of Salema where it seemed we left real life and played within the pages of an exotic get-away holiday magazine. 

Yesterday we...  oh, hold on... it`ll be much better when I add a picture to go with a somewhat creepy experience...  I`ll tell you when we get back home.

Tomorrow, bright and early, we have reservations for a Seafari to take a boat far out into the Atlantic Ocean to interact with dolphins.  On our last evening here we hope to sit on the "edge of the world" to watch the sun set... 

Working on our collection of memories...

Looking forward to sharing...


  1. Home? Ready to thrill our souls with your most recent adventures?

    To be perfectly honest, I'm still not quite over your last adventure...or your adventure two adventures ago. I keep reading the post before this one and finding myself staring at the comment box, speechless (no small feat as you WELL know).

    At any rate, dear friend, BRING IT. I'm ready. :-)