Tuesday, February 15, 2011


T.O.M.  (Third Option Men)  I found this blog, showed it to my boys, who engaged immediately, read all the pages in the "Boot Camp" section of the site, and by the time they got to the "Foxholes" section... they told me, "Mom.  That's me.  I want to be a Third Option Man.  And I want to write a blog to share it with other men."

And so... let me introduce you to two more Third Option Men who have the heart to impact this world for the sake of God's Kingdom:

(Don't know what a third option man is?  Read on!)

Third Option Man, Isaiah...  Click HERE.

Third Option Man, Ezekiel... Click HERE.

They are meeting this Saturday with their dad and any other men and their sons who desire to grow in their passion for God.  They'll be at Kuhl Beanz at 8:00 AM to meet for "boot camp"... and "make battle plans" from Proverbs and the book Wild At Heart by John Eldredge.  They have a vision... but I'll let them tell about that.

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