Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mission Statement

LeRoy hands me a hot mug, the aroma of the coffee and thin wisp of steam invoking tangible grace.  A tow-headed child peeks around the corner, his smile and boy-man "Good morning" whispering tangible grace.

The lavish breakfast cooked up by husband and son working side by side.  The plate of eggs, sausage, and hash browns handed to me by my oldest boy after he asks me, "Can I serve you, Mom?"  Tangible grace.  All our family's values condensed into tangible, concrete motions.

Our original mission statement sits on a shelf near our dining room table... rarely noticed in spite of its visibility.  Wordy.  Somewhat abstract.  The bull's eye too obscure.

Perhaps we'll improve our aim with a clearer target?  This crazy grace.  And it's all grace, isn't it?

When I set it back up on the shelf, I realize the old mission statement ink shows through the paper.  I consider removing the old one from the frame completely and then decide that it's perfect how it is.  What better way to be reminded of this ongoing transformation than to see Grace placed boldly over the top of all my well-intentioned, grandiose "statements."

It's a gorgeous, (and rare) clear day today.  We're headed over to a friend's house... to take a long hike through the woods.  They called a while ago to ask if we would stay on to have dinner with them.

The grace of it all just makes me smile and smile.


  1. I love it! Well said. We love you all too!

  2. A family focused on giving, receiving and celebrating grace. Pure and simple. I love it.

  3. Sharon, I love the simplicity and power of those words. We struggle to capture our missions, as you said, in "grandiose statements" and they are eminently forgettable! :)

  4. Ummmmm, I've read this three times now. I was sure I had commented...

    I have conversations with you in my head. One almost every morning when I open my Bible and find your letter in with the Psalms. :-)

    We did a mission statement when we lived in Germany. I have no recollection of what it said, or where it is. Fortunately, the WH is the Finder of All Things. I will ask him where it is, and we shall tend to it together. Thank you for the lovely reminder of a great way to focus on that which should have our focus. :-)