Thursday, December 16, 2010

Race For The Base

A long sigh.  Cozy kitchen.  And a heated, passionate discussion ensues.  "I think it's a state of emergency."  

"You mean, like a crisis?"  We exchange looks in the pause.

"I think it's time to go on a crusade."  Another pause.  Questioning expressions.  "You men," I make sure I have their attention, "you are wired for battle.  To bring justice where there's injustice."  

After that, it's a whole lot of brainstorming.  It's heated, like I mentioned.  These Olson men.  I'm proud to be the lady who lives among them.  Grateful they are my daughter's heroes.

But our conversation is heavy.  Tuesday was declared a day of prayer for our military warriors.  Depression and grief and trauma are all too real and our soldiers are taking their own lives.  

And another crisis on our base...  the rumor I heard was a 73% divorce rate (don't quote me on that one... at least not yet).  And we agree that we're not okay with these issues.  We agree that we're not okay with knowing there are people who are hurting within our sphere of influence and that we have the ability to look away... or do something.  

My two older sons are revved and ready to go on The World Race... albeit disappointed that the minimum age is 21... but unwilling to shrug their shoulders and give up the idea altogether.  

And so, during the conversation, Isaiah says, "You know, like The World Race... only our mission is to the Base!"  He's excited... animated, "Like we did in Utah this past summer!"

Ah, yes, one of the biggest highlights of our summer in the States!  The community my brother and his family worships and disciples with, The Genesis Project, in Ogden, Utah... The mission?  To love on the area-wide community... each Friday... rocking the neighborhood.  Serving people, greeting them with a smile, handing them a card, "You Have Just Been Rocked (Random Outbreaks of Community Kindness)."  The children and I reveled in the brilliance of the mission! 

"God lovse evrebudy"

And so, the rest of the day fills up with snippets of ideas as each person contemplates this Race for the Base.  We all agree it begins in our home.  But we're itching to take Grace to...  

...You know how great it is when you feel alivePassionate?  And how you long for the people around you to know Grace?  To feel their heart beat crazy with purpose?  Zae told me this song describes the mission perfectly:   

**Artwork by nephew, Nehemiah...

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  1. Dear Sharon,
    My friend and co-blogger at Whatever He Says, referenced your post in a comment on her own post today, which prompted me to come read it. I have been so busy of late that I've fallen behind in keeping up! :) But oh, I have so many responses on different levels to the things you touched on and I'm so glad for the next generation taking up the torch--The Race for the Base. I wish we could sit down for a cup of tea and catch up on EVERYTHING! But this will have to do. I have to get on with Christmas cards. Love! Belinda