Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Supreme Bliss

Top o'the day to ya! 

Two weeks ago we hiked in a majestic gorge, the ice-blue water with it's deafening roar rushing down the mountain.  We sipped hot chocolate, shared a ginormous cream puff, and rode back down through the foothills of the Alps in a horse-drawn carriage.  We descended deep into the middle of a mountain on a train of sorts to experience the Berchtesgaden Salt Mines.  And pored over family letters and stories in Mozart's house in Salzburg, Austria.

Last weekend LeRoy and I celebrated 17 years of marriage.  We bought our very first bedroom set, complete with our very first brand new mattress. 

Today we ate lunch at Murphy's, a quaint pub along the waterfront on the Dingle Peninsula here in Kerry, Ireland.  We arrived hungry and chilled, sauntered in and found a table next to the fireplace, the heat not only warming us on the outside, but the flames warming our spirits, too.  The four women sitting nearby chatted in Gaelic, their merriment contagious.  I had a large bowl of seafood chowder, (something I haven't had since mine and LeRoy's trip to Santa Cruz, California some many, many years ago), while the children had chicken and chips and LeRoy ate chicken and pasta.  And the tea.  The hot tea was perfection!  Just your ordinary tea, mind you.  But I thought I was going to burst into tears.  How is it possible to experience such supreme bliss!?

After satisfying our ravishing appetites we visited the aquarium down the street where we stared wide-eyed in awe at God's extraordinary creations.  We stood forever in front of the shark and stingray tank, laughing and chit chatting about how it seemed they were showing off for us.  Eventually we sauntered over to the tank where we got to pet the stingrays.  Pet! the. stingray!  Imagine!  There was one in particular that was like a frisky puppy, following our hands and acting as though he couldn't get enough of the petting.

Over three years ago, LeRoy asked me if I ever wanted a new wedding ring someday.  (There's a story behind the wedding ring set we presently own.)  I remember I smiled and said, "Yes.  If we ever get the chance to visit Ireland, I would like to pick out a new ring while we're there."  So, I'm sitting here typing at the Dingle Village Library while we wait for them to size the ring I just picked out. 

My husband.  He's like this.  He treats me like a queen.  Nothing blesses him more than when he gets a chance to bless me and his children.

"I love you."  I say to him hoping he'll know how my heart is offered to him fully, completely in those three little words.

"I love you more," he says back.  I stop what I'm doing, let him hold me, look deep into his water-blue eyes.  This game of who can love the other one better.

"I think you do," I finally say.  "You seem to be so good at it."  He smiles ever so slightly, more question than amusement.  "Really.  You just love me so well," I tell him.

Supreme bliss.  These moments that blend into one worshipful moment after another of a God Who loves lavishly.  Who loves relationship.  Who creates.  For depth with one another.  With Him.  I'm overwhelmed.  Overwhelmingly grateful.   


  1. Happy Anniversary and Happy Thanksgiving! 35 years ago today my husband proposed and we are presently celebrating our 35th in Hawaii. (Who wants to go to Hawaii when it's hot in Spokane so we planned for this trip in the winter). I love that you got a new ring while in Ireland! How romantic! :0)

  2. Oh happy day! Smiling with you and for you and because of you!

  3. Love this post!! Love you both!! Thank you for the reminder that Love really is forever!

  4. Could not think of a better place to spend your anniversary and what a lovely, romantic gesture. I hope it was a claddagh ring! I can't believe I have never made you a cup of Irish tea...what is wrong with me?!?! Next time sweetheart, next time it is tea and biscuits. Love you.