Friday, March 19, 2010

The Amazing Grace

Israel reads words out loud as they appear on the screen, "The Amazing Grace." Our two families chuckle and a big brother corrects her.

"It's The Amazing Race, Israel, not Grace!"

Ah! But I disagree! These graces, poured out, gifts -- always just in the nick of time.


Favorite friends invited us to watch this season's Amazing Race with them. Amidst casual conversation the abrupt, "What?! You've never watched The Amazing Race?"

We hemmed and hahhed, mentally searched through past television series, finally giving indefinite, "Welll, maybe I watched one show... once..." And, "Yes, I think I remember watching the first fifteen minutes of a show one time..." And the occasion was made.

"Next Friday. We'll record the last two episodes and watch them together. Let's have wraps for dinner..."

I've known about the show for years. Even discussed with my best friend from high school, Amy, the idea of doing the Race with her. Intrigued with the concept...

A couple of Fridays and lots of laughter later, I'm intrigued more than ever. This teamwork, the moment by moment building up of one another, finding strength and being strength for the other only to be the recipient of that strength -- grace -- a little later on in different circumstances. I'm impressed by the beauty, (sometimes the lessons on how not to be gracious), of the give and take, the "...You do this part, you're stronger than me..." or, "I'll do this one, I'm faster..." The togetherness. The cheering on of the other when one can only stand on the sidelines.

For me, it's the fast-paced, witty, problem-solving, (sometimes ridiculously silly), version of marriage. Or family life. Or businesses and organizations. Or day to day life with the people in my neighborhood.

The highlight quote for me from all the episodes so far? The Grandma and Granddaughter who got eliminated from the race when they came in last, grasped hands and as they walked away, the Grandma asked, "What's our next adventure?"

The granddaughter said, "I'll go anywhere with you."

(My friend turned to me and said, "I can see that being you and Israel's daughter one day." {ah, long, prayerful, hopeful sigh}

How's your amazing race going today? Are you seeing the amazing grace in each situation?

When we get "eliminated from the race" I think it's a good idea to grasp hands with our teammate(s) and ask, "What's our next adventure?"

Or maybe we ought to face each day with that mentality -- to listen to God whisper, "Good morning. Have I ever got an adventure for you today!" To respond with, "I'll go anywhere with You," believing that He'll provide grace for the race in each moment and every circumstance.

Excuse me, but my man just walked in the room and there's a question I have to ask him...

"...and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us." Hebrews 12:1


  1. Loved it! We could still do it you know..that would be our big adventure.

  2. The Amazing Grace, why I think that could be a title of your blog! I love it.

  3. I have been living an adventure in the Kingdom of God with my husband for almost 35 years! We don't know how to live without it. :0)

  4. Oh how I LOVE THIS POST! (I have been stalking you, but not commenting lately.) Thank you for the perspective, you won't know until Heaven how much I needed it!!!

    And now...I'm off to an adventure at the high school!

  5. Amazing Grace sounds better than Amazing Race :-)

  6. The AR and marriage - what a great comparison! The married couple on there had a great comment (before they were eliminated) about how their teamwork is strengthened like no other team because they're married. I couldn't agree more!

    Can't wait to check your blog after your trip! Blessings, friend!