Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Inflated Ego

Israel: Mom, I know what I want to dress up as for halloween.

Me: (raised eyebrows since I'm always a little traumatized at halloween and still haven't figured out how to get through it with charm and grace) Oh yeah?

Israel: I'm going to dress up as a mommy.

Me: (long, adoring sigh... feeling totally encouraged that my daughter would admire me so much that she'd want to dress up as... Me!) Oh, Israel! How sweet!

Israel: (looking slightly confused) Well, I want to be a mommy so that I can scare everyone!

Me: (hearing the record needle slide off the record) Um... (then me, Zae, and Zeke are doubled over in laughter as I simultaneously try to salvage some of my ego...) Are you implying that mommies are scary?

Israel: (eyes watering up, more confused than ever, wondering what in the world is so funny) What?

This is when it suddenly occurs to me, mummy, not mommy! Oh, goodness! I stifle the giggles momentarily to explain, wait for her to catch on, her smile slowly graces her lips, and then, oh the grace in being able to laugh at ourselves.

That the Lord would bless me with more and more of these merciful moments in which I get a glimpse of just how inflated my ego really is!

A mommy... so I can scare everyone. Really.


  1. I must admit, there are times when I am pretty scary! What a sweetheart you have there. You two sure seem to have a beautiful bond. :)

  2. Uhhhh. I think we're on some kind of similar wavelength here. Two things:

    1. I wrote a scary mommie post just this morning.

    2. I feel EXACTLY THE SAME about Halloween. In fact, I just wrote the Hub and told him to tell office mate having dress-up party on the 30th that I can't come b/c I have swine flu. Or will have. Or whatever excuse gets me out of dress-up party for dark, yucky holiday full of people I couldn't care less about.

    Okay, three things:

    3. (it may be pms, but) I had tears in my eyes as I read that Israel had tears in hers!

  3. Ah yes, the hilarity of our egos almost redeems them. What a great post. Thanks.

  4. Hahahahaha! That would have been awesome if she had meant mommy!!! My kids talk about my "look" and how completely frightning it is (usually to sunday school teachers and people I WAS trying to fool... LOL) all the time! I love you and I want be just like you if I ever have to grow up! Mwah!