Tuesday, August 11, 2009


It is a little after 5 AM as I sit here at an internet terminal in the hotel we´re staying in. Outside, mist slowly lifts from the tops of the Austrian and German Alps like the wondrous revealing of a marvel. And it is.

Yesterday we went on a 6-hour bike ride high into the Alps to a glacier-fed lake. It was story in the making in every way. We returned late in the evening, muscles sore, bottoms bruised from bicycle seats, exhausted... and totally exhilarated, restored, refreshed... humbled.

To experience God´s playgrounds... humbling in every way.

Today we leave Gordon, Lisa, and AJ at the base of the Alps while we return home so LeRoy can be back at work tomorrow. (They weren´t quite finished experiencing the Alps... and no wonder!) They´ll catch up with us in a few days where we´ll pick up on our adventures over the weekend.

May you have an awe-inspiring day!

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  1. Okay, I'm totally picturing The Sound of Music. Your outlook is at least as inspiring as the mountains I'm picturing.

    As always, thanks.