Sunday, April 19, 2009

...Long, long sigh... the romance doesn't quit here in the Eternal City... This place has captured a part of my heart...

We've seen and experienced so much... I was completely distracted on Friday, my 37th birthday... my family kept reminding me, "Are you having a good birthday, Mom?" ...more long sighs of contentment and bliss...

At this moment, we're taking a little break and waiting for our laundry to dry, (Rome was drenched in rain today... and so were we), before setting out for more adventure this evening. So I took this moment to "blog from Rome, Italy" because, well, it's romantic to send love from somewhere... this dreamy! We're having a wonderful time -- I can hardly wait to tell you all about it! (I think we've taken about a 1,000 pictures...)

Love to you...

Feeling extremely spoiled rotten,


  1. Oh Sharon, you take me back. Back to a time when you would have been 2 years old and I was spending 10 days in Rome with America's Youth in Concert.
    I LOVED Rome! The outdoor markets, the fountains, the history, the people (we saw mostly men). It was my first experience with humidity and baths with sprayers.
    Yes, a lovely time!
    My heart is with you and Happy Birthday! Your card is in the mail.
    Love Carol


    The perfect setting for sure. Can't wait for more notes on your blog. :)

  3. You're a daughter of the King... you're supposed to be spoiled!