Monday, February 16, 2009

Meerfelder Maar

~ January 28, 2009 ~

Prescription for Cabin Fever: A long walk in the fresh air.

Take 1 group of grumpy kiddos, load them in the van, and drive 15 minutes Northeast.
Give them the rules.

Two tired mamas happy to be in the fresh air...
with the sounds of cheerful children
running off pent-up energy.
Just a little over an hour before the dads are scheduled to return home from work.
Setting sun.

"Listen guys! If we walk quickly... and don't get distracted...
we'll finish our walk in..."
Claudine is looking at me --
"Listen," I continue, "I bet we can walk around this lake in...
40 minutes!"
Claudine glances at her watch.
She smiles that gorgeous smile at me --
the one that communicates so much.
This time its you really think we can do it?
I feel confident.
That we'll try.
But then,
I'm distracted.
It seems God has written a poem
just for me today.
I don't want to miss it.
Nearby a songbird calls.
The children's sweet voices,
"Hey! Look at this guys!"
Feet running.
"Ohhh, cool! Will you help me find one?"
Now they are all searching for the
perfect stick.
Someone throws a rock
onto the frozen lake,
the hollow ka-frunk and ensuing
froooosh, as it slides across
the ice.
Patches of ice off the beaten path
lure the children.
Except for Eva -- Claudine's daughter,
who walks a steady, determined
I attempt to focus,
not be so distracted.
Walking on ice.
The delicate squeak,
precarious creak,
victorious giggles
at the final crunch,
as feet scramble
away from the
water seeping
up from the crack.
Bright eyes.
Rosy cheeks.
(Hat knitted by Eva!)

Everything is clean, crisp.
Everyone is
The children's laughter,
background music
for God's poetry.
Full of ideas.
How very much
I have to learn!
They are my gurus
of play.
Claudine & I.
(I love you, Sister!)
Eli & Israel.
End of the walk.
Not quite 40 minutes.
More like 70.
Back at the van,
open the "emergency"
snack bucket.
Life is sweet!
(No more grumpies...)
Yeah, God!
On the way home,
we stop for one last picture,
of God's
across His poem.
*** These pictures were taken just north of Manderscheid, at the volcanic crater lake of Meerfelder Maar, about 15 minutes Northeast from our house. This is one of our favorite walks.


  1. What fantastic images, photo and word. I think you have written a doctors prescription just for my children (and me!). You smooth away the rough edges and roll us all out on the grass like stones. Ahh...

  2. Gorgeous. I still love reading your writing it takes me to another place entirely! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh Sharon, you help us dream.....amazing shots, you have an eye for it :)

  4. aaahhh... the volcano lake. isn't that water awsome? i want to go there to paint some day!

  5. Sharon & Leroy & Family. My mother
    says you live in Germany, as do I.
    Sherri will send you the info to
    contact me, if you wish to do so.

  6. You did it again! Thanks for visiting all my favorite places!

    I KNEW you wouldn't make it in 40 minutes! :-)