Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lwowek Slaski, POLAND

Monday, May 26, 2008 ~
(Correction regarding the last blog entry: I said it was a Sunday, Memorial Day that we were in Berlin. It was Monday, Memorial Day! But you all realized that, right?)
We traveled about three hours to reach the Elim Christian Center in Lwowek Slaski, Poland. This is a 450-year old Rennaisance era palace originally built and owned by a German couple when this territory was still part of Germany. You can read all about it at their website . About 17 years ago a couple from Australia came to do travelling Evangelism with a bus that they drove all over the area ministering to the many various needs of the people here. They saw this decrepit old palace that was long ago abandoned and had a vision for a ministry.
I only wish that each of you could experience this place, and the families that run it, yourselves! They are an invaluable resource that is ministering to an entire region that is still trying to recover from the communist influence, lifted as recent as 18 years ago!
I included this picture for fun. Germany isn't the only country with some funny signage! "Wypadki!"

"Wroclaw" straight ahead.

Some people should have this sign outside their homes!


We arrived in the late evening with just a bit of daylight left. They directed us to park our van inside the courtyard so we drove through this tunnel entrance, parked, and ate our simple dinner of sandwiches, fruit, and chips. The children were highly motivated to eat their dinner quickly as they saw children playing a game of soccer when we drove in. As soon as they were finished they ran out to the yard to play with the group of children. No matter that only one of them could speak English and the rest spoke Polish! They're perfectly comfortable joining in a game with other children, communicating the best they can -- mostly with their sweet smiles!

A view of the palace while on a tour of the palace and grounds.

Eli, Zeke, and Zae playing on a pogo stick they found in the yard.

One of the men showed us to our room -- 10 beds, bunk style, very comfortable and cozy -- and we nestled in for an excellent night's sleep! We planned to get up early to set out for our next day's adventure.

Next stop: Auschwitz Concentration Camp near Krakow, Poland.

To be continued.

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