Saturday, June 28, 2008

Vianden, Luxembourg

May 5, 2008 ~
Kyler, Eli, Isaiah, LeRoy, Israel, Ezekiel
in Vianden, Luxembourg

May blossoms.

Ezekiel ~ sitting next to me on the chairlift.

Kyler and Zae in the lift in front of me and Zeke; Eli in the lift in front of them; and LeRoy and Israel in the lift in front of Eli.
The Village and Castle of Vianden.

Kyler, Sharon, Eli, LeRoy
Zae, Israel, and Zeke


...that smile on my face? Because I'm grateful beyond description.

The lovely Israel!

Israel and the king of this family... Daddy!

Eli and Zae... and grand entries.

Zae, Israel, LeRoy, Zeke, and Kyler... in the castle courtyard.

The picturesque castle courtyard.









No glass. Just a gorgeous frame for the real thing.

Portrait by... God.

Zae's silhouette.

Map of the country of Luxembourg.

And a list of the chalets, palaces, castles, and estates we could visit!

Hey! The table in this dining room is the same as the one in our dining room!

Olsons peeking over the castle wall.

When I was a little girl, I would try to find crayons that would make the page this vivid!

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