Monday, June 23, 2008


So, what kind of mom drops her sons off to go to camp on a bus called...


No, for real, we are totally stoked about the boys, (and the two girls, Eva and Stephanie), going to MTTM (Ministry to the Military) Camp in the Black Forest. And "stoked" is an understatement as to how the boys feel about going -- they've been anticipating this camp for the last few months. So, we hugged them goodbye, reminded them to take care of one another, told 'em to have a great time, and waved as the bus pulled away.
We covet your prayers for the kids and the counselors. We've heard this particular camp is physically exhausting (is this actually possible for my boys?) as well as spiritually renewing and challenging (totally possible -- they have mighty warrior spirits!) So we are praying for physical safety and tender, open hearts.
We'll keep you posted on what kinds of outings LeRoy and I, and Zeke and Israel go on this week.

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